About Us

Beauty2Go was launched by Serba Dinamik IT Solutions In August 2020 as an effort and response to rebuild the economy post the MCO-period of COVID-19 which saw an economic slowdown in many industries across Malaysia. Among the most hardly hit demographics from this economic regression involved youth talents in the beauty and healthcare industry – as their avenues for generating income were halted from challenges caused by limited or slowdown of economic activity amid growing concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite still being under the recovery phase of COVID-19, Beauty2Go aims to salvage the beauty and healthcare industry by introducing special training programs and incentives for talents to make a comeback in their beloved field and industry.

Beauty2Go services are available on both web portal and mobile application. We provide an array of personalized services for customers which include beauty, massage and caregiving services. Similar to ‘e-hailing’ services, our user-friendly mobile app is highly customizable and caters to our customers’ needs and preferences. It utilizes the concept of ‘customer-to-talent’ matching as we believe that customer experience and satisfaction is our top priority! Once a customer has fulfilled the criteria of their order, our talents will then be sent to their doorstep to deliver the assigned service (home-based service).

Beauty2Go doesn’t just stop with satisfying customers, but we offer many incentives and value-added training for our talents too! We believe that break industry barriers and deliver the best results, our talents can be trained and moulded to fit the highest of industry criteria! We provide various presentation and technical training for our talents to upgrade their skills and give them different avenues to earn additional income and get more out of their career – so that it becomes a labour of love and not just a chore! 

Beauty2Go is not just about delivering a service, it’s about remodeling the future of how we experience the commercial beauty and healthcare industry!

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